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Terms & Conditions

All trademarks, services, logos, company names and photos are the property of Les Editions Galerie l'Imagerie (E.GI) Inc. No use thereof is permitted without the written consent of Les Editions Galerie l'Imagerie (E.GI) Inc. The logo, designs, advertising and photos represented on the site are the intellectual property of Editions Galerie l'Imagerie (E.GI) Inc. and may not be used without permission. 

By using this site, you are responsible for any repairs to equipment you may use to connect to this site. In addition, Editions Galerie l'Imagerie (E.GI) Inc. is not liable for damages related to the use of this site.

Sales policies

Read these Terms carefully before accessing our Site, or purchasing any Products. In these Terms, you will find out how we sell our Products to you, and what you can do if there is a problem.

Payment terms

All orders must be prepaid. Our site processes the majority of credit cards.

Exchanges & Returns

Sales are firm and final, with no privilege of exchange or return.

Shipping error

Any errors attributable to the publisher must be reported to him immediately.

Damage to the package during transport

In the event of the receipt of a package whose exterior is visibly damaged, the package must be refused and the publisher notified immediately. Any return of merchandise must be authorized by the publisher.

Transport & customs

Transport, customs and brokerage costs, if any, are the responsibility of the buyer.

Color variations

Due to the different printing methods used, the resolution of the screens used and the viewing conditions, it is possible that in some cases, the colors of the illustration of the digital catalog may differ from those of the reproduction. No exchange or return of goods is accepted due to color variations.


All measurements listed in the catalog are provided for reference and may contain approximations (max +/- 1 inch)

Shipping & transport

We can deliver our products anywhere on the globe (within the limits of our carriers). Prices and delivery times vary depending on the type of Products ordered, the delivery address and the delivery method chosen. Applicable prices and delivery times are approximate and we cannot be held responsible for any delay or failure to meet our obligations under these Conditions if such delay or failure results from a cause beyond our control and/or a case of force majeure within the meaning of article 1216 of the Civil Code.

Translation Disclaimer

These Conditions are provided in the French language.   In the event of any discrepancy between the French version of this document and any of its translations, the French version shall prevail.

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