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Picture of the artist Marc Chatelle

Marc Chatelle

Born in 1935 in Cuels near Saint-Tropez in France, Marc Chatelle moved to Montreal at the age of 20. He became a journalist and worked in the main weekly newspapers in Quebec, of which he later assumed the direction of several: La Patrie, Le Petit Journal, Point de Mire, Le Samedi ... In 1980, Pierre Péladeau entrusted Marc Chatelle with the management of ‘Echoes Vedettes, a responsibility he had to assume for seventeen years, until his retirement. To mark his departure, he is offered a box of paint. It was the start of a new career. His naive-style paintings, true nods to the artistic world, are exhibited in several galleries. In 2004, Marc Chatelle was one of the instigators of the first edition of “An Art Exhibition Like No Other”.

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