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Constantly seeking to satisfiy our customers, we develop our product offering over time. Our image bank adapts to different media, but each time a challenge remains: finding a way to produce here in Quebec. Wheter it is a geeting card, a print on canvasor a puzzle, there is no doubt about it, the product is designed, illustrated and printed in Quebec; or even in Quebec city !

New Products

Since 2017, a puzzle project has been on our drawing table.  Some progress had been made but the pandemic put our lives on hold. A project of this magnitude requires the help of strong and committed players. Printing thes has never been a real problem, but you have to have them cut and that's where it gets stuck.  It is in the winter of 2023 taht a door opens and the possibility of creating a Quebec puzzle finally arises. We are proud to present to you our selection of 1000 piece puzzle in 20 x 27 inch format printed on high quality Graphics cardboard with a matte finish which allows you to clearly admire the images!

local art

Image representing a puzzle by the artist Lorraine Marquis: The good old days
Faire un puzzle

Our canvases and greeting cards makes you happy for 40 years!

We represent more than 150 Quebec artists, have more than 3000 models of greeting cards and 600 images offered in giclees (prints on canvas).

Different Products presentation
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